So yeah my black and white blog decided to be colourful for a day or two aka I was a complete tit and reblogged on the wrong blog

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have you ever been so wildly attracted to someone that you can actually feel your heart rotting just because you know you’ll never get a chance with them

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how are middle schoolers sexually active I wasn’t even socially active

I’m still not socially active 

I’m not even active

What even is this “active” you speak of !?

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Fuck buddy application.

Fill this out and send it to my submit box.

Name :

Availability (How busy/not busy are you.) : 

Soft or Rough? :

Dirty talk? : Yes [] No []

Dominant or Submissive? (Or both.) :

Some (Or all) of my turn on’s :

Other thing’s you should know :

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